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Acrylic foam tape

acrylic tape

adhesive foam tape

aftc tape

auto wire harness

automotive bellows

automotive wiring harness

bespoke molded CR

bespoke molded NBR

bespoke molded rubber

bespoke molded Silicon

Braided Copper

braided copper wire

braided copper wire for electric

Braided Copper Wire Tin Copper

braided tin copper wire

Cable harness

Cable Wire Harness

car wiring harness

close cell foam die-cutting

closed cell foam

closed cell foam die cut

closed cell foam strip

co-extrusion rubber sealing strip

complete wiring harnesses

cr o-ring

custom bellows

custom foam die cut

custom molded EPDM parts

custom molded rubber

Custom Molded Rubber Components

custom pu die cut

customer molded CR parts

dense rubber sealing strip

dense rubber strip

die-cutting with adhesive tape

dual durometer rubber sealing strip

edpm foam die-cutting

Electronic Cable

epdm die-cutting

EPDM foam die cut

EPDM foam die-cutting

epdm gasket

EPDM kiss-cut

epdm o ring

EV Cable harness

EVA die cut

eva foam die cut

eva with adhesive

extruded EPDM

Extruded EPDM Sealing Strip

extruded EPDM with glass fiber

Extruded profile

extruded rubber profile

extruded rubber profile with copper wire

Extruded Rubber Sealing Strip with Glass Fiber

extruded rubber tube

extruded rubber with copper wire

extruded sponge

extruded sponge strip

extruded TPE sealing strip

extruded tpe with glass fiber

extruded TPV

extruded tpv with glass fiber

extrueded rubber sealing strip

extrusion dense rubber

extrusion EPDM

extrusion EPDM sealing strip

Extrusion Rubber

Extrusion Rubber tube

extrusion sponge

extrusion TPE

extrusion TPE sealing strip

extrusion TPV

extrusion TPV sealing strip

flocked extrusion rubber sealing strap

Flocked Extrusion Rubber strap

flocked fabric die cut

flocked fabric die-cutting

flocked fabric kiss-cut

flocked fabric with adhesive tape

flocked TPE extrusion strap

flocked TPV extrusion strap

foam die cut

foam die-cutting

foam roll

foam roll with adhesive tape

foam strip

foam strip roll

foam tape die cut

Customized automotive sealing, shock absorption and sound absorption solutions.
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