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Electronic Wiring Harness Wire Front Radar Cable Front Door Wire Harness Electronic Cable

Front Door Wire Harness
  • Front Door Wire Harness

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How to Choose the Best Door Wiring Harness

Are you considering buying a new one for your automobile or replacing the old one? You will need a good door wiring harness, of course! Don’t just buy any old harness.

Keep in mind some crucial points. Here are some things that count while purchasing a new door wiring harness.

• You should opt for a multi-strand wire instead of a single-strand wire. More wires equal higher functionality; you never know when you may need the extra wires.

• Consider the size and space constraints. You want the wires to be small enough to fit comfortably but big enough, so they don’t get strained.

Depending on the weight of your car door, you can choose among harnesses made of different materials. Even rubber ones come in different grades.

• The durability of the wiring harness is quite essential.

Door Wiring Harness

• Opt for a wire harness with weather sealing to protect against water, oil, or gas. It is a precaution and can significantly extend the life of the wire harness. It’s a minimal investment in the long run.

• Make sure that the kind of terminations your car require match the wire harness you are buying. Discovering that your preferred wire harness has incorrect terminations is disappointing, so do your research properly!

• Take into consideration which kind of automobile or machine you need it for. Every electrical item is different and will have different requirements.

• If you find it too difficult or confusing, don’t hesitate to ask for help. If nothing works, you can go to someone with lots of experience.

• You should also look at the electrical capacity of the wiring harness. It would help if you had thicker and bulkier harnesses for higher electrical loads. You need not spend a lot on a thick wire harness to limit your electrical needs.

Product name
custom auto door wire harness
Wire Type
UL listed, GXL, TXL, SXL, AV, AVS, AVSS, FLYW, FLRY, H03VV, H05VV, SPT-1, SPT-2, SJOW, SJT, etc.
Wire Gauge
0AWG-30AWG, 0.05mm²-54mm² are available
Wire Cores
1 Core~20 cores are available
Bare Copper and Tinned Copper
TE , Molex , JST, Aptiv, Amphenol, Delphi, Yeonho, Sumitomo, Yazaki, Hirose, Switchcraft, tec.
Wrapping materials
PVC tube, Corrugated pipe, Shrink Tube, Braid Tube, hdpe spiral twined pipe, etc.
Plug Molds
We have 300+ Plug molds,many plug we have tooling.

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